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Trusses and Sheeting

Sections in this contract:

 This Quotation is for the Design, Supply, Delivery and Erection (where included) of NAIL PLATED ROOF TRUSSES & METAL ROOF SHEETING and is subject to the acceptance of the following:


      1. PAYMENT TERMS: A  60% deposit within 5 days of acceptance of the quotation and 40% when the trusses are delivered on site. Design, Manufacture and ordering of the sheeting will not commence until the 60% deposit is reflected in our bank account and our terms and conditions are signed. Where the accepted quote is for the SUPPLY ONLY of material, the balance of 40% is payable before the materials are delivered.
      2. INCLUDED in your quote is a roof layout – This must be returned with the signed and accepted quotation.
      3. Please reference your payments with your NAME AND STAND number
      4. The timber structure is designed using licensed International Truss Systems software
      5. The deposit must be accompanied by a signed copy of our quotation, terms & conditions and roof plan. The entity paying the account must be the signatory of the quotation, and if a business – the authorised member or director.
      6. All plan sizes and dimensions are taken off the Architects drawings for the purpose of the quotation. Any discrepancies in actual site measurements will be for the clients account.
      7. The roof trusses are optimally designed in terms of span, truss spacings and loadings in order to achieve the most cost effective design. This means that the trusses (spacings, tie beam sizes, top cords, webs, etc..), battens (spacings and sizes) could differ from the Architects drawings. This may affect ceiling batten sizes as well. The client by his signature hereto accepts this, unless a specific request is made to alter the original quotation. Final design is only done when the terms and conditions are signed, the deposit paid and accurate site measurements are able to be taken. It could happen that certain “design elements” can change which could change and affect the layout of the roof, including sundries supplied. Where applicable, this will be communicated and discussed with the client.
      8. In some instances LCP Roofing will at its discretion, change materials used in the roof design and construction, eg: steel purlins in lieu of timber purlins. Changes, if any,  do not affect either the terms of its license, design rationale or any SANS specifications.
      9. Chimney's are to be clearly indicated on drawings and are to be built to plan sizes BEFORE the roof is erected and details and flashings have not been allowed for unless chimneys are clearly shown on the drawings at the time of the quotation.
      10. Geysers, Solar Panels and other dead loads within the roof void are NOT designed for and must rest on internal walls. Trusses are ONLY allowed to be supported on internal walls where indicated on our drawings. The design can be adjusted to allow for geysers, solar panels and the like and this must be specified at the time of quotation
      11. All roof timber is untreated and is supplied according to SANS 1783 specifications
      12. All materials and sundry items are estimated, but will complete the roof as per the original Architects drawings that are quoted on. The LCP delivery note issued guarantees all items required for the completion of the roof structure as quoted on. These estimated quantities are however, not guaranteed should LCP Roofing not undertake the erection and shortages will be for the clients account
      13. Standard flashing sizes, as supplied by the manufacturers, have been priced and allowed for. Client specific sizes and details can be supplied but this must be clearly and specifically requested at the time of quotation. Facia’s, eaves facia’s and barge boards are excluded unless specified on the quotation.
      14. Rainwater goods (gutters, downpipes, spreaders, gargoyles etc..) have NOT been allowed for.
      15. All designed bracing is included in the quotation. Any bracing, temporary supports, spreader bars etc.. necessary for erection is excluded from this quotation.
      16. LCP Roofing will accept NO responsibility for the trusses should they be erected by an erector who is not an LCP Roofing approved erector or who is not completely familiar with all ITC-SA (Institute for Timber Construction) procedures.
      17. Engineers drawings can be submitted if required. A charge in respect thereof will apply and can be quoted separately.
      18. We will, on request, and payment of the manufacture deposit, supply A0 drawings of the roof layout at a fee of R 80.00 per drawing. All erection drawings are laminated and supplied to A3 size and are included and supplied to the erection teams.
      19. One site visit is allowed for site measurements. Additional visits are charged at R 500.00 per visit if the site is not ready for accurate measurements. All external walls to be at least window cill height. Deviations from the original quoted drawing are to communicated prior to site measurements being taken.
      20. Deemed to satisfy regulations as per SANS 10400-K allow for a maximum corbel of wall thickness plus 1/3. Roof overhangs are designed from external wall dimension and not corbel line.
      21. On 10th November 2012, notice R711, being amendments to the Regulations as per Act 103 of 1977 becomes legally effective. SANS 10400XA has been published as a COMPULSORY regulation to meet energy usage in the built environment as is applicable to ALL buildings, including alterations after this date. This will have specific application in the design of timber roof trusses where solar systems may be implemented to meet the requirements of the regulation, and which will demand an EXTRA LOAD CARRYING ability to be incorporated in the design of the roof structure.
      22. Actual site conditions could dictate that additional sheeting, flashings, closures or trims are required and that were not originally foreseen or quoted for. These items will be quoted and the same payment conditions will apply. Please note that similar procurement lead times may apply.
      23. Errors and Omissions excepted


      1. Allow 1 to 2 Weeks for timber manufacture per block and 1 to 2 weeks for timber erection and the same for sheeting. The client / contractor is to specifically agree the delivery schedule with LCP Roofing. The aforementioned is also dependent on the workload in the factory. Your roof is scheduled for manufacture only when your funds have been cleared in our bank account. Please communicate with ourselves when deposit is paid in order that a delivery date can be agreed.
      2. The client must insist on and sign for a DELIVERY NOTE when the trusses are delivered. This is an Institute for Timber Construction requirement and must be complied with.
      3. Allow an ADDITIONAL 2 weeks manufacture period for decorative plated and exposed trusses.
      4. Laminated beams take up to 3 weeks to procure from the date we are able to take accurate measurements. Please allow for this in your schedule.
      5. Roof sheeting can take up to 3-6 weeks to procure from the date of finalisation of site measurements, profile and colour confirmation. This lead time will be even longer towards the end of the calendar year. It is imperative that orders are placed without delay.
      6. The client is to specifically  confirm the availability of materials and colours required at the time of order as stock levels at the supplying mills can be volitile
      7. ALL materials, whether erected or not, belong to LCP Roofing until FULL and FINAL payment is received.
      8. An adequate, level lay down area is required on the site boundary next to the access road. Trusses and sheeting are offloaded next to the delivery vehicle and are not carried over bricks or rubble or into the site or stacked away from the delivery vehicle.
      9. There must be access for our horse and standard tri-axle trailer for deliveries. This combination is 18m long. Access limitations must be communicated prior to acceptance of this quotation. Should our vehicles be refused access a re-delivery charge of R 16.00 per km from our yard return trip will apply.
      10. The client is to ensure that adequate security is available and assumes responsibility once the materials have been delivered. LCP Roofing remains responsible for any damages, loss or waste which is attributable to the erection and fixing process.

      : The following conditions apply should LCP Roofing do the erection of trusses and sheeting

      1. An “A19”  Engineers erection completion certificate will be supplied and is included in the quotation
      2. All temporary bracing necessary for erection is included
      3. The maximum height that trusses will hoisted is for a standard double storey residential home. Anything higher will be for the clients account unless otherwise agreed in writing. Scaffolding for work in double volumes is to be supplied by the client. ALL EXTERNAL scaffolding, if required must be supplied by the client. LCP Roofing does not supply cranes or hoisting equipment and must, where required, be supplied by the client. Please take special note of this – especially for large laminated beams.
      4. Continuity of work is a condition of LCP roofing doing erection of trusses or roof sheeting. Additional days or visits for carpenter teams are charged at R 2200.00 per day and sheeters at R 1200.00 per day where LCP roofing cannot complete work due to incomplete building work, beamfilling not being complete or client supply items not being on site. 
      5. It is a specific condition of this quotation that no other workman walk over or perform any works overhead whatsoever once the sheeting has been fixed. This condition extends to all trades and although not limited to, includes bricklayers, plasterers, painters, electricians, plumbers and Data and TV installations. Any damages whether patent or latent will completely invalidate any guarantees, be it of an aesthetic nature or to any waterproofing or watertightness.
      6. Trusses (eg: rafters, tie beams etc..)  are supplied with the SABS or SATAS grading mark on them. We are not permitted to remove this in our factory.
      7. Off-cut timber, leftover sheeting offcuts and pieces are not removed from site and carting away is not allowed for. Our erection teams will place rubble on heaps on site. Additional materials are sometimes ordered in order to eliminate delays on site and remain the property of LCP Roofing. Large offcuts and left over sheets will be removed from site.
      8. In order to offer competitive pricing LCP Roofing does not allow for costs to access Security Estates, the issue of access cards and temporary permits. The client or contractor will be required to arrange access and payment where and when required.
      9. A charge of R 750.00 plus material, per visit, will be levied where LCP Roofing has to re visit a site to attend to damages caused by others. Specific mention is made here to damages to sheeting by plasterers and painters, electricians and plumbers. The client or contractor must communicate, within 5 days of the sheeting being completed any visible problems with the erection or defective work, failing which the charges as stated will apply.
      10. Please take special note of the SANS 10400–K requirements for sheeted roofs. This requirement is for a minimum of 1.2mm x 30mm hoop iron, built in 600mm deep into brickwork. The client, by his signature hereto, indemnifies LCP Roofing for any loss or damage incurred should we refuse to erect the roof or issue a Regulation A19 completion certificate if this requirement is not adhered to.
      11. LCP Roofing will not be liable for any consequential loss or damages.