Interesting LCP Roofing Facts:

Every node on a truss is TWO plates but ONE pressing point. The average pressing points the factory can produce on a normal shift is 900. A very complicated roof will produce less roof area than a simple roof. It is therefore wise to check the pressing points before estimating the time it will take to fabricate the roof trusses.

Category "A" roof structures MUST be checked by our System - International Truss Systems before fabrication. LCP Roofing is an ITC-SA category "A" fabricator

The erectors can erect on average 175m2 per day per team. This is dependent on access control to sites, site conditions and complexity of the roof structure

The average roof tile and fitting weighs 5kg
An Infraset Sunset tiles weighs 4.8kg and Marley Modern 5.4kg. Therefore, changing the tile specification after quote is done will affect the loadings and possibly a different design and may also influence the costs.
A shorter tile overhang may not necessarily result in a cheaper quotation or final overall cost due to the changes in loadings on the chords

Minimum pitches for Roof Sheeting is:
Corrugated - 10 degrees
IBR - 5 degrees
SAFLOCK - 3 degrees
Roof sheeting is fixed with class 3 roof screws except concealed fix roofing where we use a class 2 screw as the screws are covered by the sheeting

Our tri-axle trailer can load 6 000 tiles
Our Volvo Roof 07 can load 2 700 tiles on the trailer and 2600 tiles on the rigid
The Superlink can load 7300 tiles
The Hino can load 800 tiles
The DAF can load 2000 tiles
The truss trailer can load 52 trusses upright
The highest a vehicle may be according to the National Road traffic act is 4.3m. The minimum clearance of our roof trusses on the roof truss trailer ROOF 16GP is 350mm. Therefore the highest truss form apex to the BOTTOM of the sprocket that we may transport is 3.95m. Anything higher will require the truss to be split (piggy-backed)
Tiles can be load a maximum of 7.50m from the Centreline of the truck. A Truck is on average 2.40m wide. Thus the farthest tiles may be offloaded from where a truck may safely park is approximately 6.0 to 6.3 metres.
The average transport rates are R 18.00/km for the larger trucks. Remember to work on the total return trip unless a return load can be secured.