Faulty Jointing

There may not be a gap larger than 2mm in general and 5mm on longer "skarf cuts" of 300mm or more in length. Although this is difficult to attain with the poor quality of SA Pine, this is a design and SANS 10243 & SANS 1900 / ITC-SA requirement.


Structural Timber Grading

All structural timber used in roofing construction in South Africa has to conform to SANS 1783-1 and SANS 1783-2.

This timber is graded at the sawmill as either grade 5 [S5] or grade 7 [S7]. If a truss plant is accredited, it may re-grade S5 to S7 at the plant. Once graded, timber may not be "ripped", that is a 152mm wide plank may not be ripped into 2 x 76mm planks. Furthermore "black cross" timber may not be regraded.


Common Mistakes during the Roof Erection Phase

LCP Roofing has extensive experience in the roofing business and our teams have seen their fair share of common errors that are made during the rood erection phase.  This article is written in the hope that we can help you prevent such mishaps from happening on your building site.  We'll use images and diagrams to explain and discuss each of these problems in detail.