Payments and Terms

  1. I have accepted your quotation. What are your payment terms and how do we proceed from here?
    • Well, you have chosen a SATAS quality approved plant and a fabricator who is licensed to an ISO 9001 certified organisation, so congratulations are in order.
       In order to comply with our own quality system, our license conditions and SATAS requirements we request that you sign all pages of your quotation, the roof layout and any other addendums and forward it, together with your deposit to ourselves without delay. We will schedule your project as soon as these conditions have been met.
      Our representatives will keep you updated on the progress where necessary and inform you of the actual delivery date, upon which we require the balance due.

  2. Do you supply a "roof certificate"?
    • Yes, if included in your quotation we will supply you with a "Regulation A19" completion certificate.

  3. Does this "Regulation A19" completion certificate mean that my roof is structurally sound?
    • Yes, but you must take note that this is known as a "completion" certificate. In other words, this means that your roof has been erected according to the DESIGN drawings and in accordance with the bracing details as laid down by the Institute for Timber Construction (ITC-SA).

      This does NOT necessarily mean your roof has been designed correctly and that the correct loads have been applied. Once again - this means that a Fabricator with competent designer and quality system AND an Erector must be employed and who are correctly graded for your project. LCP Roofing can offer you this assurance and will supply you with a manufacturer's certificate if requested.