Roof Erection

  1. Now that the timberwork is complete, when do you commence with the roof coverings?
    • Our tiling teams will already have been scheduled to visit your site approximately 2 days after the timberwork is fully completed.

      This give you time to ensure the following is completed:

      1. All beamfilling is completed,
      2. All plastering is completed over areas where roof tiling is to take place,
      3. All undertile flashings are installed by the plumber,
      4. That there is sufficient plaster sand and cement on site to complete the ridging.
  2. Do you guarantee your work?
    • Yes we do. We will make good any problems due to faulty workmanship. Please do not allow plasterers, painters, electricians and TV installations to work on the roof. We can unfortunately not be held responsible for damages caused by others.