Andri Pretorius

Designer COC/686/FDES

Andri is currently (2014) serving on the board of diretors of the Institute for Timber Construction as the Erector Director. Andri comes from a sawmilling family and has spent his whole life around timber, be it in the plantations, at the saw mills or the distribution of the finished product.

Lcp AndriIn 2002 Andri got involved in the design and manufacture of roof trusses as part of what was to develop into a successful family business.

Early in 2010 Andri decided to persue his own vision to open and own a truss plant and together with his partners now own and run LCP Roofing. Andri is a very experienced designer and has both the capability and ability to design roofs for large spans, difficult building shapes, circular both on plan and elevation and where the client or architectural designer has special requirements.