Floor Joists

Tri-Joist® beams consist of parallel stress graded timber anges joined  together with V shaped galvanised  steel webs.  The open web design allows for the  quick installation of services and  utilities, as a result, reducing labour costs and on site build times.LCP Roofing, with the acquisition of its new press in October 2011, is now able to design, supply and erect floor joists for flooring construction of up to 11m spans in multi storey buildings.

Not only does this method of floor construction save a lot of time but services, electrical, data, plumbing and air conditioning can be conveniently placed in the floor voids.


            • Robust Standard Detail
            • Depth compatible with solid joist sizes
            • Made to measure, reducing on site wastage
            • Minimal shrinkage or swelling
            • 72mm wide flanges provide a large area for the fixing of floor boarding and ceilings
            • Reduction or elimination of surface run pipework
            • Lightweight construction
            • Erected in approximately 50% of the time for conventional joists or even less for concrete
            • Can be top chord supported

Tri-Joist Floor Joists for flooring construction

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