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We can supply roof trusses according to the design requirements in all shapes and sizes. Even though the maximum permissible transport sizes are trusses of 13m in length, we are able to, through our design abilities and special connection details, manufacture and supply in longer spans and abnormally high apex sizes.

LCP Roofing is an ITC-SA accredited company which gives you, the client, peace of mind.  Some of the advantages of using an ITC-SA AND SATAS accredited company are:

  1. The designers are competent and have had adequate training to design your roofs
  2. Your fabricator will not design or fabricate trusses that are outside its competency level
  3. Knowledge that the entire production process is REGULARLY audited and inspected by an INDEPENDENT certification body

To learn more about the ITC-SA and their aims and goals please read the article below.


If a homeowner has any issues regarding the design, construction and erection of their roof by an ITC-SA accredited company, through the institute’s disciplinary procedure and its code of conduct, they will have recourse that will be completely dealt with by the ITC-SA. "If the erector is not ITC-SA-registered, then it will become a civil matter and will need to go to court to be settled,” explains Ferdi van Greuning, marketing manager of the ITC-SA. To find ITC-SA accredited professionals, click here and select the Members tab. The ITC-SA has branches located nationally.

For peace of mind with regards to the protection of a large investment, as well as for the safety and security of those living in your home, choosing an ITC-SA-accredited company for all your timber roof truss requirements is the only way to go.

To read the rest of the article and learn more about the ITC-SA, download the attachment below.

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