LCP Roofing utilises the ITS (International Truss Systems) software design program to quote and design its roofs. LCP Roofing, by it's association with ITS is also a member of the ITC-SA (Institute for Timber Construction South Africa) and thereby subscribes to and fully complies with all the design, manufacturing and erection criteria as laid down by the ITC-SA.

LCP Roofing is also very proud to announce that in a very short time of operation the company has been awarded the SATAS (South African Technical Auditing Services) quality mark of approval. As of August 2011, this has ensured that LCP Roofing is one of only 5 Truss Plants in Gauteng that has been awarded either the SABS or SATAS Quality mark.


LCP Roofing has a modern production facility in which we can assure our clients of:


  1. Exceptionally accurate and speedy CNC cutting. Sizes, lengths and angles are consistently accurate and NO hand measuring takes places.


  2. One of the BEST framing tables in South Africa utilising innovative jigs and marking capabilities.


  3. A "One-of-Kind" hydraulic press in South Africa which assists in consistent pressures being applied to nail plates, fast and reliable production and trusses that are not moved and multiple handled until all nail plates are firmly and finally embedded.


  4. An on-going quality system which is regularly re-assessed and updated.


If you would like expert service with designing and manufacturing your timber roof trusses, call us today.