In its ongoing quest for consistency, quality and customer service the owners of LCP Roofing decided that further upgrades to the factory were necessary in order to achieve this aim.

The traditional method of truss fabrication in South Africa and by which more that 90% of plants operate is a framing table either on the floor or elevated for easier working. Nail Plates are then placed and hammered in by hand. Trusses are then flipped over and the operation is repeated. In a third operation the trusses are then fed through a special finishing roller which exerts up to 30 tons of force to fully embed the nail plates. This is a time consuming operation and triple handling and inconsistent quality issues can be a problem.

After a great deal of research and two visits to suppliers in the United Kingdom, LCP Roofing purchased and imported a Hydraulic Birch Press which arrived and was installed amidst much anticipation on the 6th October 2011.

LCP Roofing creates a "Truss Ticket" and this is stapled onto all main trusses. Not only does this indicate truss numbers, it also indicates the design loads, approximate spacings and job numbers. Furthermore all pertinent company information is available for future reference.

 Truss ticket that indicate truss numbers, design loads, approximate spacings and job numbers. Truss ticket stapled to a main truss