Your roof is one of the closing structural puzzle pieces needed to complete a building. There is a process, unique to OUR LCP business automation, which we follow before the first screw is driven and the final tile is laid before we sign off the structure that will soon become your home, or even maybe a provincial hospital.

It should be common knowledge that, unless you’re building a copy-paste residential complex of 3 bed-2 bath homes, a roof truss isn’t a one size fits all component.

We at LCP Roofing often get phone calls from clients requesting a price on a truss or a price per square meter and it is with good reason that we have to say that we can’t provide them with a telephonic quote.

Each quotation is priced on merit, be it a gable-to-gable structure, a roof with exposed trusses or metal roof sheeting and laminated beams (see here),which makes each one different and thus it is neigh impossible to work on a fixed rate per square meter.
Part of our turn-key roofing solution is that we provide you with a detailed and comprehensive quote from the outset.

The ball starts rolling when a Request-for-Quote is submitted by one of our sales representatives using a mobile application specifically designed for streamlining our process from beginning to end.
A confirmation email is also sent to the client upon submission of the RFQ demonstrating our commitment to keep them in the loop as the project will progress.

Just like any professional tailor that would take a client’s measurements with a tape and chalk, we will take accurate measurements of the building, substituting the chalk and tape for a Positioning Distance Exterior laser. This is a high-quality device that among others, measures difficult to access places safely and quickly, long distances of up to 200m with a measurement accuracy of 1.0mm and which has a built-in optical viewfinder for outdoor measurements.

Then, back to our bespoke application to submit a detailed Site-Measurement-Report where we make note of the project building progress, the correct holding down methods to be used, special notes, a GPS location and if elements have been added that were not on the original quotation.

Once paperwork has been signed and the deposit paid, clients may know what the next step in our process is.

To avoid that “in-the-dark” feeling, we developed a quick sms system whereby a client receives an sms the day their trusses go into production as well as an sms the day before and the day of

delivery of those trusses.

We would like the site clean, tidy and accessible and these important notifications assist our clients in their planning.

Our final service, which we believe pushes us above and beyond the reach of other fabricators, is not only the inspection and

completion of an Engineer’s SANS10400 Regulation A19 certificate, but also the detailed report included with the certificate, again with a GPS location, inspection checklist and images.
Unfortunately there are roof inspectors who sign off structures without even knowing where the site is. This is not only fraudulent but can also have potentially life threatening outcomes.

Out application places, beyond doubt, our clients (as well as the bond holder and insurance companies) in a position knowing that all processes have been checked and double checked.

Before a building may be occupied, the structure must be signed off by the relevant competent persons. In our case, a qualified engineer, approved to sign Form 3 of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, 1977 (Act No. 103 of 1977).

Our report as mentioned above includes a detailed inspection of the roof structure, photos thereof and signatures of the ITC-SA accredited LCP company representative, our ITC-SA accredited designer, the roof inspector and the approved engineer.
Furthermore, it includes a manufacturer’s certificate. – How is that for putting all our eggs in one basket?

Digitally signed copies of the final signed certificate are sent to the client, our engineer and the ITC-SA once the project is paid in full.

And there we have it – another successful project done and dusted. Well, not quite, the main contractor has quite a bit of dusty work left but we will leave him to that. He again, is a specialist in his field.


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