Have you ever wondered why reputable companies focus on quality systems?

Well, when it comes to relying on those systems in years to come we come to realise the value thereof.

This short post demonstrates why LCP Solar also follows the same path with quality systems first and foremost. Read more about it here.

LCP Roofing fabricated and erected a roof structure in an upmarket estate in Gauteng a number of years ago.
As part of our quality systems, we print “truss tickets” on tough waterproof paper. These tickets contain the main truss details, date of fabrication, design loading and all LCP Roofing contact

 information. These tickets are pressed in with the nail plates and it would take a concerted deliberate action to remove them. 

Fast forward to July 2021.

Our telephone rings and the homeowner is on the line. We can hear it is serious.

After a site visit we are horrified to see the termite infestation and gradual destruction of the roof structure.

The homeowner was able to get our details and contact us. Our engineers will now be able, together with our original structural drawings, to propose remedial actions.