Why throw twenty thousand Rand a month at a static billboard on the freeway when we can satisfy two important aspects of our business, being marketing on the one hand and recreation on the other? It is well known that happy and healthy employees are good employees.

Racing is in our blood. Everyone here at LCP Roofing has been involved in biking and the biking fraternity over the years in some manner or other. So much so, that we often jokingly say, “We don’t do drugs, we don’t smoke and we don’t abuse alcohol, but the smell of two-stroke is our addiction.”

Addictive as it is, racing is prohibitively expensive and we realized years ago that it was just not affordable, even if we received generous sponsorships. Even so, there are riders in our team that do, at times, take podiums at races, garnering us invaluable media exposure.

Each rider puts his own bike into the team and we at LCP Roofing provide branding, pit crew and support. The team also extends to clients, friends and whoever else wants to join and pays his own way. Everyone in the company is involved in some way or other; some ride bikes, some are pit crew, others spectators and then there’s plain great fun for the kiddies and an exciting day out for the employees’ spouses.

Not only is accommodation at the races expensive when a whole team goes away, but often the overnight stays are 15-20 minutes’ drive from the race venue, which is less than convenient and adds to race day costs. The idea was thus born a few years back to ‘go camping while racing’. This worked out really well and became a fantastic weekend away for the families. But as the team grew, loading and unloading trailers and trucks became more and more difficult and after we got washed away in Parys last year, an ambitious project got under way…

We went hunting for sponsors and soon a great plan came together. An old furniture trailer was gutted and rebuilt and after five months of hard work and many hundreds of hours of involvement from team members, the result is impressive. We now have a trailer into which we fit all our kit and all the camping equipment and supplies we need for a weekend away.

Not only can LCP Roofing now market itself all over South Africa while on the road, our sponsors get exposure and we have a great squad which involves everyone.

Without the generous support of our sponsors, this project would not have been possible. We extend special thanks to Darryl Curtis from Bandit Signs for all the branding. Darryl is a household name in racing circles with many national and international accolades to his name. His support is most valued.

Our thanks as well to Sarel van der Walt of AfricanStuff, who supplies all our company vehicle tracking systems and is heavily involved in major local and international biking events, supplying tracking, and timing systems.

Thanks to all involved. You are all great brand ambassadors for our company.