Every so often, the LCP Roofing team, leaders in timber roof truss technology, receive unusual requests for roofing projects. In this case, a client in Pretoria East approached the company about handling an extraordinary roofing project: Build trusses with very large timber beams (152 mm x 228 mm), design a raised tie beam and install a timber slatted ceiling on top of the trusses. True to reputation, the LCP Roofing team responded with their trademark enthusiasm and innovation.


A trusted supplier was used to provide this special thick, rough sawn timber, which was so heavy that both forklift and full LCP Roofing staff complement had to be on hand to receive the delivery. Since this was a very unique order, it had to be specially ordered and cut by the sawmill.

New cutting blades were fitted to the existing saw so that the beams could be cut with ease. Once the cuttings were completed, the construction of the trusses followed. The joints on the trusses came out perfectly and the trusses were assembled with industrial strength screws. Each screw was placed out of sight, resulting in a smooth and blemish-free final product.

Loading and delivery

The LCP Roofing team had to gather about 14 men to carry the trusses, each of which had to be handled with extra special care due to the fact they were handcrafted (not joined by gang-nail plates) and of rough sawn timber, which can easily become damaged if dropped or bumped. Right from their movement in the factory, loading them onto the truss trailer and then delivering them to site, the team effort was immense to move these trusses with no damages, injuries or any problems. Guaranteed, this was a great workout all round!

Roof erection

The LCP Roofing carpentry team erected this roof with style, each truss making its way on top of the walls with no trouble whatsoever. The pine slatted ceiling was carefully nailed from top to bottom and as the tiling was completed, the final waterproofing was completed as well.

This room has been converted into a magical space; the whole interior works so well with the roof and vice versa, a dynamic synergy that is hard to capture in an image.

A true highlight on LCP Roofing’s long list of achievements, the feedback from the client during and after this project was extremely positive. Since the company’s vision is to strive for absolute customer satisfaction, the team is delighted by the team effort on this project, the final result and also the client’s excellent feedback.

This project won the Bronze award in the Roofing category of the Institute for Timber Construction South Africa’s (ITC-SA) Timber Engineered Product Awards 2018. Scroll down to enjoy more images of this exquisite project.

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