Every so often, we take on a project that stands out from the rest. Sales Rep, Gavin Mostert, reflects on our most recent “monster” project.

A roof worthy of its title, it is highly unlikely that a roof of 900m2 in the Monavoni area is found. Waterkloof and Mooikloof perhaps, but monsters do not normally lurk in this Centurion based estate.

Trusses with a ten meter span and an apex height of four and a half meters meant that the delivery of this roof structure would be very tricky. Overhead bridges had to be avoided in order to transport these giant trusses safely.

The estate gate was the next obstacle, but our team accepted the challenge by physically, and very carefully, offloading the trusses by hand and carrying these timber puzzle pieces to site.Immaculate straight lines, the product of perfect carpentry work, helped us achieve exactly what we wanted to; a project taken on with so much dedication that met the client’s requirements.
Our tilers took on the next challenge; covering this giant structure with beautiful and elegant Marley M22 Standard Slate tiles.

As the erection process came to an end, the team could not help but stand back and appreciate the wow factor this roof had.


Dark and grey in colour, this creature proved to be a spectacular sight.

With a satisfied client, the entire LCP team has, yet again, outdone themselves. A job well done!