Each month, LCP Roofing nominates an employee for Employee of the Month based on the overall rating from their fellow co-workers. The winner receives a limited-edition silver Kruger Rand… one of a million.

Last month they had a bonus coin for the best answer for the following question… What type of culture would you like to see at LCP Roofing? What do you believe, aside from marketing activities, will elevate us to new heights?

We are proud to announce that Robyn Cotton, who rejoined the LCP Roofing team in December 2017, was the winner. Here is her response:

Culture is defined as a configuration of shared values, beliefs and attitudes that are transmitted from one generation to another. At LCP Roofing we have several generations; not necessarily divided by age, but by those who have been here long enough to understand and can explain to the newest among us what drives us to work together as team and what our purpose is (apart from, literally, putting a roof over our clients’ heads).

Our vision, ‘to promote excellence in everything we do’, is bold. A company with a bold vision needs people who are equally ambitious and willing to challenge the status quo. And it can be done.

LCP Roofing can be ‘elevated to new heights’ by creating an environment where people love to do the work they love and everyone benefits. A strong workplace culture extends far beyond the perks offered to team members.

What would I like to see at LCP Roofing? 

  • For each team member to truly live out our company vision. We all need to embody what the business stands for.
  • All victories must be celebrated. No matter how big or small.
  • For management to ask for feedback. Feedback gives great insight into what each member is happy with, be it part of their daily work, or the workplace culture in which they are already immersed.
  • Lastly, but most importantly, some dessert at our next impromptu braai.

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