Robyn Cotton, LCP Roofing Receptionist, weighs in on the benefits of celebrating wins and how these help to shape and support a productive company culture.We know how important feedback is; be it regarding performance behaviour, work performance or external service. Feedback is a major responsibility of management to inform and influence a company’s performance and culture, even more so is positive feedback.As important as it is to celebrate the great successes, it is also imperative to raise a glass to a company’s day-to-day achievements or even an employee who has overcome obstacles to achieve their milestones. Celebrating employees injects life into the organisation and goes a long way to make it worthwhile for employees to contribute to the overall long-term success of the company.

While we celebrate LCP Roofing as the leaders in timber roof truss technology, this is not a position in the field to be taken lightly; the economy has made its mark on the roofing and construction industries and the effects are tangible. Even though the company has tackled sizable and complex projects in the past, the culture of celebrating every new project, big or small, as a win continues to prevail.

It can be easy to underestimate the power of recognition of success, but at LCP Roofing, all jobs are celebrated and the men and women who ensure each and every project is completed to perfection are recognised daily, be it a lunch time treat or a simple ‘thank you’. Here’s to celebrating our wins, big and small!