The advantages of selecting the right roof style for your home are aplenty, so it makes sense to spend some time considering what roofing options are available to you.

By Freddy Robertson, LCP Roofing Sales Manager.

Despite the prominent place a roof has in the architecture of a building, it is often given very little consideration when planning a renovation or new build. This is unfortunate, as an imaginative roof design not only has the potential to give your new home an attractive appearance, but it can also free up space inside, increase the amount of light penetrating the building, improve energy efficiency and even provide an alternative energy supply through the installation of solar panels.

Besides the traditional and popular pitched roofs with gable ends, there are a number of other exciting options to consider, all depending on where you live and what your design preferences are. Such an example is that of a partial flat roof, which, in addition to providing a roof surface, may also double up as a patio outdoor area. Even though this sounds ideal, you do need to keep in mind that drainage problems may occur; note that the primary function of this type of partial flat roof is roofing cover and, remember, always consult a professional when it comes to designing and installing a new roof.

New innovations and advances in roofing techniques and materials are always taking place, so it’s worth checking in with your residential architect, as well as with a reputable roofer to see what choices might best suit your individual property, taking into account factors such as budget, roof aspect, planning constraints and other variables.

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