3D Modeling has been used across the globe for many years in all industries.
Designers use 3D modeling software to bring their ideas to life; thereby providing their clients with more information than a fixed image could. It
brings depth and elegance to their projects.

A complex, realistic drawing with real-time data included allows the user to interact with the drawing by means of rotation, flips, and manipulation, which offers the user the precise resemblance of the project in an actual life scenario.

With the use of texture mapping, we can give the model some personality by adding the refined details; roof tiles, brickwork, and even an emerald green lawn.

In recent years, virtual reality has made its debut, giving 3D modeling even more edge. Now, the viewer isn’t limited to a scaled version of the project but can sit indoors and view the roof structure in a very realistic, 1:1 scale, almost to the extent that they may try to touch the building walls. From a designer’s perspective, this is mind-blowing stuff. It is not often that the brains behind the designs get to see their projects transform into something bigger than a few models on a computer screen.

When you’re involved in a highly competitive industry, particularly a very developed one, like the roofing sector, it is imperative to give your clients an extra Easter egg to leave a lasting impression. What better way to do this than giving your client a preview of the exposed trusses and decorative plates that will make their home the envy of all their neighbours.
Christmas comes early with every quote which includes a link to view the roof structure in a 3D format.

Put those VR goggles you bought last year (and subsequently only used twice) to good use and request a free quote from LCP Roofing with a 3D model.
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