LCP Roofing, leaders in timber roof truss technology, pride themselves in always being ahead of the game. One of the ways they ensure their continual advancement is by keeping abreast of technology. The team are excited to announce their acquisition and installation of an ALS276 Alpine Linear Saw, with full production to commence by mid-July 2018.


One may question the timing of an investment as significant as this; manufacturing, particularly fabrication, is sluggish due to political and economic instability. But LCP Roofing commenced business during a similar period eight to nine years ago, using the period before the storm to plan and position itself as a major player in the market. We see this as no different today.

LCP_ALS-02lrCurrently we operate two SPIDA generation 3 and 4 CNC saws. The cutting accuracy and speed for a saw in this class is unsurpassed and for the last seven years, these saws have been the backbone of our operation in the factory. We can ensure joint accuracy which surpasses the minimum industry standards by a fair margin.

The latest addition puts our operation as the leading fabricator in the country to the next level, as no such unit is in operation within our borders. LCP_ALS-03lr


The benefits are myriad with some being:

  • High speed of cutting
  • Timber optimization with a significantly reduced waste percentage
  • Marking of the components
  • Our ability to grow our footprint in the specialized truss market where clients are increasingly wanting something extra special
  • Increased safety as all the saw blade and associated components are all enclosed in a large cabinet
  • Dust extraction is well managed within the cabinet with less airborne particles

We will most certainly be able increase production by a minimum of 80% and the power of optimization means that timber waste drops from around 10 to 14.5% to an average of 0.70%. Savings of this nature can be passed on to the customer.

Our ALS276 has the latest upgrade modules installed and the following technical specifications:


  • Timber sizes in cross section from 25 mm through 355 mm
  • Timber length – unlimited
  • Cuts any section, angle, single or double bevels, and ripped valley bottom chords
  • Shortest piece – 25 mm
  • Unlimited maximum scarf length


  • Automatically fits pieces on stock to mimimise waste. Nesting function interlaces scarf and single cuts to maximise efficiency and increase saving on timber costs
  • Ink jet printing and components
  • Data input directly from the design software


  • 508 mm diameter saw blade
  • 7.5hp motor
  • Kollmorgen Servo Star main controller and servo drives
  • Six automation axes


LCP Roofing wishes to extend its gratitude to its system supplier, International Truss Systems (ITS). Without the support of ITS, significant capital acquisitions such as this would not be possible, since ITS provides critical technical support, software upgrades and specialist installation advice. ITS has always been a partner with LCP Roofing for which we are exceptionally grateful.

Let LCP Roofing be your fabricator of choice – our design and fabrication expertise cannot be matched.