Established nearly 150 years ago, the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in Cape Town is the oldest animal welfare organization in South Africa. The movement now has branches across the country and relies on public funding for its survival.

Article by Freddy Robertson, LCP Roofing Sales Manager.

On a gorgeous winter morning, I received a phone call from Werner Hanekom (Sales Representative from Safintra Southern Africa) regarding charity work previously done at the Tshwane SPCA. Werner’s discussion was brief but to the point: “Freddy, we want to get involved and help where we can. Kom boet, make a plan!”

A few days after Werner’s phone call, we received word from Celesti Mathews, a Volunteer Coordinator at Tshwane SPCA, that they were in desperate need of some roof covering for some of their kennels. The opportunity presented itself and Stacy Priestley, Office & Administration Manager at LCP Roofing, jumped at the opportunity to assist. She rallied the troops immediately and an introductory meeting was scheduled on site for all parties involved to assess the extent of the assistance required.


We met Wilson, who has dedicated 26 years of his life to taking care of the animals, and who is in charge of all maintenance. We were delighted to see how clean and well maintained the grounds were, especially and more importantly, the temporary shelters for the stray animals.

Wilson and his team have been making the most of what was at their disposal, but even everyday heroes like Wilson need help from time to time. The buildings are ageing and are in desperate need of some specialized maintenance.

After discussing their requirements and getting the go-ahead from the powers that be, Stacy and Werner called in the troops from LCP Roofing and Safintra, and tackled the first roof on the 7th of July. Having completed the first of two roofs, the latter will be completed by the 14th of July, just in time to mark Mandela Day.

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Should you wish to partake, you are welcome to come and join us and do your part for our furry friends. They would also welcome any contributions.

Please contact Celesti Mathews on 082 825 8442 or at should you feel the need to assist.

How you can help:

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How you can help