As we kick off on another exciting year with most people already back at work, it’s a good time to ask what 2018 might hold for the building sector.

By Roux Malherbe, LCP Roofing Sales Representative

Unfortunately, nobody can tell with any certainty what the future holds for the construction industry in South Africa, although some economists and industry strategists foresee a house price index growth in 2018 of 2% on 2017.

Hopefully this bodes well for our industry and the sector will again see a return to the ‘glory years’ of some 10 to 15 years ago.

While industries fluctuate, at LCP Roofing, our mission to deliver a high-quality product at competitive pricing remains steadfast. We have weathered a tough year that has delivered some deadly blows to a few players in the industry and are proud to say that we are resilient in the face of our challenges.

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