When LCP Roofing and Global Roofing Solutions (GRS) heard Tshwane SPCA’s plea for roof sheeting to replace the shelter’s existing asbestos sheeting that was in severe disrepair, they jumped at the chance to help.

Dependent entirely on donations from local businesses and the public, taking care of neglected, abandoned, abused and injured animals in the area is the SPCA’s top priority around the clock. With the cold winter months around the corner, the Tshwane SPCA was in dire need of roof sheeting that could house and protect their rescue animals against inclement weather. The removal of the asbestos was a priority as well.

The old Tshwane SPCA kennels’ asbestos roofing ready for removal:

A fine end result that will keep the animals in the Tshwane SPCA’s care warm and dry for many years to come: 







For more information about how you can help your local SPCA or to give a rescue animal the gift of a forever home, visit www.nspca.co.za.