January 1st, resolutions and goals are set, but are seldom written down.
Will the New Year in fact be the year you become the ‘new you’? Have you put your personal and career goals down on paper?

This year, instead of discussing our goals for 2020 in an office meeting, we asked staff members to write down their goals and aspirations they hope to achieve within the company, as well as what LCP Roofing should strive for this year.
A few common themes were evident:

  1. Client Satisfaction.
    A company that is not client-driven will not succeed.
    With each passing year, we aim to continuously improve client satisfaction through effective communication and excellent product and service delivery. This year will be no different.
  2. No machine can run properly if the engine is not well-oiled and serviced regularly. Not only are teamwork events and activities fun and, with the right drink in hand, very entertaining (our coffee machine makes quality coffee), but they also enable us to communicate in a constructive and respectful manner.
  3. Culture in the Workplace.
    Employee morale goes beyond the pay cheque. As employees, we always want to come in to an office where we love to do the work we love. Motivation and encouragement as well as constructive feedback from colleagues and management is a key ingredient in creating productive work environment.

    In a previous blog post, A Question of Culture, it was highlighted how the right workplace culture can make or break a company.

Other than being a round-the-clock client driven company with a well-run team that takes pride in its work; there were individual goals that stood out.

Designer and Estimator, Jacques van der Westhuizen, hopes to create a harmonious interaction between all departments, thereby invoking a stronger teamwork environment so that we can strive towards a common goal.

Carika Pieterse, the junior in the LCP team, wants each project to be a work of art and hopes to kill the outside world with kindness.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and prosperous new year.

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