By Roux Malherbe, LCP Roofing Sales Representative.

Although we erect a good number of roofs every month, it’s not every day that the roof we’re working on is very much unlike the one next door.

Currently, the LCP Roofing team is working on a specially designed roof in the east of Pretoria. The design and quotation for this roof was completed some time ago and we are now busy with the installation.

The project consists of 14 diamond or square shaped roofs all built on top of a roof slab. Two of these roofs will feature exposed beams that will be visible from underneath.

Consisting entirely of laminated beams and to be covered with Saflok sheeting, LCP Roofing is working hand in hand with all parties involved to ensure that the end product meets the expectation of what was envisaged.

Firstly, our carpentry team really had their hands full to get the material to the top of the building; a crane had to be utilized to lift the laminated beams, of which there are 209 in total.  Erecting the trusses and getting them in place also proved to be a challenging, but manageable task.

I am very proud of our team who managed to get all the trusses up and have played a key role in another beautiful looking roof.

The roof now awaits its centralized air-conditioning system to be installed between the rafters. Once this has been done, we will recommence our work and complete the roof covering.

More on this project coming soon, so watch this space.