At LCP Roofing, we offer our clients very comprehensive roof quotations. In order for us to do this accurately and within an acceptable time frame, we require information from the client that architects sometimes omit from the house plans. These are as follows:

  • All house plans consisting of floor plans, sections, elevations and a roof plan;
  • Full address of the site;
  • Type of trusses required (exposed or not), type of exposed truss;
  • Type of cover required (sheeting/tiles, profile);
  • Type of finish for gables and/or apex (verge tile, barge board, steel flashing).


It makes it easier to quote on a roof based on the actual plan rather than speculation. It is also easier to eliminate design flaws that might have been overlooked by an architect when the estimator or designer has all the plans in his/her possession. Sometimes an architect may assume that a specific design for the roof may be aesthetically pleasing, but in practice it might not work well at all in practice. We can then do the necessary recommendations in order to get the roof to design. There is no point in quoting for a roof if it is practically not possible to design or even work on the structure that needs to keep the roof up.


The full address of the site is needed in order for us to determine the transport cost to deliver the material to site. We offer a complete service including the manufacture and erection of trusses as well as supply and erection of the cover.

Trusses/timber requirements

Does the house have exposed areas of the roof? If not, we assume that a ceiling will be installed underneath the trusses. If exposed trusses are required, we need to know what type of exposed trusses is required and perhaps exposed rafters will be needed.


What type of cover is needed? A house plan will more often than not specify ‘concrete roof tile’, but there are many different types of concrete tiles available in many different colours. Sometimes security estates or complexes will only allow a specific type of tile to be used for houses. The same applies for roof sheeting. Many different sheeting profiles are available in a variety of colours. Profiles to choose from include: corrugated, IBR, widespan IBR, Kliplok, Saflok and Newlok, to name a few.


On a gable end on a tiled roof you can either have verge tiles or barge boards. The same applies with the apex on a mono-pitch roof, where you can put a barge board or mono ridge tiles. On a sheeting roof you can also fit steel flashings or barge boards.

We are always keen to give our recommendations for a specific roof.  In many cases the quotes are required for tender purposes and within a specific time frame. Having all the information handy will help us give you the most accurate quote as quickly as possible.

Article by Roux Malherbe, LCP Roofing Sales Representative.

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