A Fabricator Designer (timber roof structure) is a practicing professionally registered designer who will traditionally come from the built environment and who must have passed the prescribed professional body examinations as well as the prescribed System Software courses.

Our roof truss designs are done using International Truss Systems (ITS) licensed design software, aptly named Roofcon, Trusscon and Quotecon. This is the software package used for the design, detailing, estimating, D visualisation and manufacturing of complex timber roofs.


Benefits of using ITS Design Software:

  • Roofcon allows easy project control with all the roof truss designs.
  • Roof truss designs are on screen during the build and design process allowing ease of input.
  • The software allows the user to input walls manually or by importing DXF layouts direct from other CAD software and then utilising standard roof templates and macros which in turn speeds up the overall roof truss design process.


The LCP Roofing design team has also mastered an AppliCad roof software package, which is used for sheet metal calculations & automating processes. Advanced tools generate detailed reports featuring complete material lists of everything for your job; including roof geometry such as pitch, length and area reports and all trims.

We will generate and export a 3 D model of your roof for your own perusal in the comfort of your home. This model can be viewed on your cellphone using a compatible application. Further to this advancement you will be able to use the Virtual Reality mode to inspect and approve the final design of your roof. 

Our Technical department employs professionals with a collective experience of over 45 years.

Contact us at quote@lcproofing.co.za for an expertly designed roof.

Click here to see more 3 D images https://skfb.ly/6Knw9