As roof fabricators that offer a complete roofing service, the LCP Roofing team come with great experience in the roofing trade and know their products inside out. Henri Pretorius, Sales Representative at LCP Roofing, takes a look at the many facets of the humble concrete tile and which, in his view, are best for certain applications.

Concrete roof tiles are there to protect the structure and its occupants against the elements. Therefore, it is essential that you choose the right style and strength of concrete roof tile for your specific build.

concrete roof tiles

The flatter the concrete roof tile, the weaker it will be; the higher the profile, the stronger it will be. It is important to note that the most expensive roof tile is not always the strongest.

Most manufacturers produce the double-roman or sunset profile. This is generally an affordable roof tile and has good strength properties. Most homes are capped with the double-roman concrete roof tile.

The bold roll concrete roof tile boasts a higher profile than the double-roman tile, which gives it greater strength and lends a slightly different elevation to the roof. This tile is also more expensive and is considered to be the strongest concrete roof tile available on the market.

Flat concrete roof tiles are not considered to be as strong as the double-roman or bold roll tiles. The flatness of the tile looks very nice on a house, but it doesn’t carry the strength inherent in the double-roman or bold roll designs. As a result, these tiles can chip and break with greater ease than the others. The flat concrete roof tile is also usually the most expensive on the market.

All of the above profiles come in standard colours, which do gently fade over time with exposure to the elements. The tiles can also differ in colour from batch to batch; in the manufacturing process, the type of sand, wetness of sand, different cement and oxide all play a role in the final colouring of the tile.

Based on my experience, I recommend the use of the double-roman tile. Should you wish to spend a bit more on your roof, the bold roll tile is a good option for you as well.

Tip: Your roof tiles are not manufactured for people to walk on, but to keep weather out, so make sure you plaster your house before laying the roof tiles. An additional benefit of this is not getting cement on your roof.

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