When commissioned to do a tiled roof, LCP Roofing offers to do waterproofing as an additional service as well.

Should the roof end against a sidewall, or if it carries a chimney, waterproofing must be done. While waterproofing is not included as a standard item on our quotes, we do offer it as an additional service.

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Further to this, we are of the strong opinion that waterproofing should be done by a specialist, and in our efforts to offer a complete roofing service to our customers, we’ve made sure that our roof maintenance and service team, led by Jannie Pretorius, is more than capable of waterproofing any new roof that we manufacture and erect.































While some of our clients feel that waterproofing should always be included in the standard quote, many of our regular clients opt to have the waterproofing done themselves or use another specialist company to do the job, which is why we offer this as an optional extra.

Either way, under certain circumstances a tiled roof must be waterproofed. We also encourage regular maintenance on a tiled roof.

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Article by Roux Malherbe, LCP Roofing Sales Representative. Feel free to get in touch for more information.